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IP Master station

Enabled by TCP/IP technology, IP Network Intercom /broadcasting System is a integrated system of two-way audio amplification and one-way (or two-way) video transmission. This system steams the audio and video signals over LAN or WAN by the form of IP packet., completely solving the problems existing in traditional intercom or broadcasting system: poor sound quality, complicate maintaining management, limitation of transmission distance, poor interaction, being heard without image, etc. This system is easy to be installed and operated, can work everywhere as long as Ethernet is available.




IP Anti-vandalism substation

1 Stainless steel panel, durable, surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

2 Double-button panel with models of emergency call and service consultation; one-touch call function(pre-set the target in the server), realize full-duplex talkback.

3 Built-in Speaker and microphone, be available for hands-free talkback and receiving broadcasting.

4 Digital audio recording, save auido file in the paging microphone then upload to the server when system is free.

5With audio output port, can connect to active speaker.

6 Short-circuit output to connect electronic lock or alarm light; short-circuit

input to connect the alarm button.

7 Works everywhere as long as Ethernet is available.

8 Remote software update, configuration and monitoring





IP Horn speaker

 IP Network Horn Speaker




● The network horn loudspeaker integrated with
network audio decoding, digital amplifier

● Empowered by high-speed dual-core (ARM + DSP) chip of industrial grade, startup in less than 1s

● IP67 water-proof horn speaker available at 15W and 30W

● Support MP3, WMA, WAV and more decoding

● With a standard RJ45 network interface and supports online firmware upgrade from long distance



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