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We are committed to train the up-coming electronic technicians and engineers enhancing the knowledge and the use of electronic security in Southern Africa.

   We are Training Technicians:

  • Alarm Technicians

  • Gate & Garage Technicians

  • Access control technicians

  • CCTV Cameras Technicians

  • DATA Networking Technicians

  • Fiber-optic splicing technicians

CCTV College SA one of the leading training Academy and recruitment agencies in South Africa, established in 2015 in Johannesburg, is a  training and recruiting company with a strong reputation in the employment market providing hiring and employment solutions and reliable recruitment services to companies hiring in finding the best possible employees to fill their available job vacancies in the ICT and Electronic security industry. Our recruitment consultants act as the intermediary between the employer who is hiring and the job seekers who are looking for employment opportunities. Our core focus as recruiters is to deliver a hiring & staffing solution by simplifying the recruitment process and increasing the efficiency for hiring companies. A market leader in the employment and personnel industry for over 5 years in finding the right staff for permanent and contract jobs. Our Recruitment Agency provides a professional and reliable recruitment service.

CCTV training | CCTV College SA | Johannesburg

CCTV course | CCTV College SA | Johannesburg

CCTV College SA we are a leading ICT and security training provider in South Africa and Africa. We are also sell security systems products and offer support in terms of installation guide.

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